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This site has been around for more than nineteen years, which is a lifetime and a half on the Internet. Some things have come, and some have gone, and a few have even gone and come back.

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I really like this, and it has become my new motto.

In necessaris, unitas

In dubis, libertas

In omnibus, caritas

Literally translated, this means:

In Necessary things, unity

In doubtful things, liberty

In all things charity

A recent visitor suggested that this may have been Pope John the 23 rd's motto when calling the Second Vatican Council together. I was always a great fan of his. Can anyone confirm or refute this?

Thank you for visiting my page. I honestly believe that the Internet is a community, but maybe not quite the same way that Google or Yahoo does. When I was growing up, I was surrounded by lots of culturally connected people and things. The evidence is pretty clear that this next generation will be denied that luxury. This page is my attempt to provide some small measure of that connectedness. One of the nice things about this effort is that I get to select content and presentation, but I am always open to suggestions and comments. Please feel free to send me a message using the link on the lower part of this page, or go to the Irish Songs and Stories Page and leave a entry in the guestbook.

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This site is loaded with information. As of today there are more than 1000 individual pages. That is large enough that organization has become a problem. You can use this little goodie to navigate. I have been doing some house cleaning lately, so please let me know if you find any broken links.

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