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I have lived in the Santa Clara Valley most of my life, (long before it was called Silicon Valley) and usually call it "The Valley". I have often wondered about the history of the area. Things like how places and streets got their names. I have always wanted to know something about "local history". We all know about "The California History Center" at DeAnza College, which is a great resource. hey have a page here. The City of Santa Clara has put its page back up, and there is quite a bit of information there. There is a nice "Year in Review", along with some great historical information. The area is a wonderful location to make a trip to and take in all the history.

In my effort to satisfy this curiosity, I have collected some names and stories and will put them up here. I have researched these, and belive all of the stories to be true. If you see an error, or want to make a suggestion, please let me know.

During the research for the project mentioned above, I rekindled an old interest. The place of the Irish in American history. (In Mike Ulwellings Ethnic Studies class, at Peterson High School, I wrote on this subject.) In any case, the section, my version of the history of the Irish in California, is up now. It is called Irish in California History Page.

A very wise person once said that if you steal one persons work it is plagiarism, if you steal several peoples it is research. I must be truthful, I got the basic layout, and much of this information, from Ralph Rambo's books. What I did not get from Ralph's books (which Jim Juster lent me) I got from many other sources, as you can see in the bibliography below. I will admit to being a little surprised at how much information was available. I just wish that the local public libraries would modify the policy on circulating "reference materials".

I have alphabetized the names in both lists for ease of access. I have also started indices for both lists below. The directory shows all of the pages, even those not complete yet.

Here is the Index to the pages on this site.

People's Names: Adams thru Cambrain Park

People's Names: Campbell thru Divine

People's Names: Eberhard thru Kenyon

People's Names: King thru McKiernan

People's Names: McKee thru Penniman

People's Names: Portal thru Townsend

People's Names: Trimble thru Zuck

People's Names: Addenda

Place Names: Agnew to Canoas Creek

Place Names: Castro Station to Loma Prieta

Place Names: Los Altos to Willow Glen

Irish in California History Page Brown to Keller

Irish in California History Page Kennedy to Young

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